Outside my window…there is a lovely swimming spot…maybe not too pretty, but a delightful break from the heat and a great way to wear the kids out these hot, summer days.

July August 2014 092_1

I am remembering…Joseph’s whispered conversation to William this week.  Joseph asked me when our friends, Dylan and Colin are officially moving and I said, “Sometime this week…I think Thursday is the plan.”  He leaned over to William and said, “We’ve got to find that moving truck and quickly!”  We are so going to miss our dear friends!

july 23, 2014 041_1 july 23, 2014 046_1 july 23, 2014 052_1 july 23, 2014 054_1 july 23, 2014 059_1

I am thankful…for technology…I love that the boys can “talk” to Alex anytime they like!

July August 2014 099_1

In the refrigerator…lentil soup.  I think I’ve talked about what a hit lentil soup is before, so now I’m going to share my recipe!

Lentil Soup Stacie Style:

Chop up an onion, a red bell pepper, some kind of squash (yellow, zucchini or tatuma), carrots, and 4 to 6 potatoes.  Throw it all in a pot with some olive oil and start to cook.  Add 1 tsp. salt.  Now cut up some sausage (I use Kiolbassa brand beef smoked sausage).  Add it to the pot.  Wait til it all starts to cook a bit.  Now rinse and drain your bag of lentils and throw those in the pot.  Add 7 cups of water; bring to a boil.  Once it’s boiling, turn it down to simmer for 45 minutes to an hour (or until your lentils are nice and tender).  That’s it.  Everyone around here swoons when I say we’re eating lentils…and they think I’ve slaved away (but you know the truth).

I am wearing…a pink Gap t-shirt and navy blue gym shorts.

I am creating…with the kids, birthday gifts for Granny!

We are celebrating…a successful first week of school.

1st day of school 2014 003_1 1st day of school 2014 005_1 1st day of school 2014 007_1

I am reading…some Debbie Macomber books for some light, quick reading.

In our learning room…we studied China last week for geography and had a great time celebrating (the Asian countries are always a big hit around here when it comes to dinner from around the world!)  We’re using Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler along with Eat Your Way Around the World and The Science Chef Travels Around the World.

August 21-August 24, 2014 004_1 August 21-August 24, 2014 003_1 August 21-August 24, 2014 001_1

One of my favorite things…afternoons at the playground.

July August 2014 113_1 July August 2014 116_1 July August 2014 117_1 July August 2014 120_1 July August 2014 122_1 July August 2014 137_1

A peek into my day

July August 2014 094_1


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One thought on “Daybook

  1. I just love seeing the grandchildren at play and learning. Since I can’t be there your blogs help me share time in your life with your thoughts and pictures. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for being my daughter. I love you, Mom


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