Outside my window…the rain has finally stopped.  Yesterday it seemed like a constant drip.  Today, even though cloudy and wet, turned out to be a perfect day for outdoors.  Lots of swinging, running and chasing.  This weekend should be in the 70s.  Perfect.

I am remembering…last week Andrew was all ready for bed, in his Batman pajamas.  He was doing something that he wasn’t supposed to and I commented that Batman would not do that.  Joseph said, “I think you’re missing the point…he’s BADman, not Batman.”  Even Andrew found that comment hilarious.

I am listening…to Daxson as he reads to William and Joseph.  So melodious.

I am wondering…why we don’t spend more time at the beach.  It’s sunny and warm here 75% of the year and the beach is serious food for our souls.  Every kid is happy there.  Enough said.

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I am going…with the boys to the Cathedral on Friday for a grand tour.  Joseph asked our priest a few weeks ago if he would have time to take us on a tour.  Our priest said yes.  Joseph is thrilled…his top two interests…the altar (“he’s really going to let me get close to the altar?”) and the choir loft (“how in the world do they get up there…I see the stairs, but I don’t see a door at the top”).

I am thankful…for modern dentistry.  Katie managed to chip three teeth (No, not one.  Not two.  Yes, three.  Count them.  One.  Two.  Three beautiful little chipped teeth.)  two days ago.  She had her hands in her pockets and took off running after Daxson.  Clearly, she inherited my clumsy gene…she tripped and landed on the concrete, maybe hitting the gate as she went down.  Three chipped teeth.  One very jagged tooth.  Two nights of painful nursing.  So today we headed to our wonderful dentist, where he was able to file the rough edges off.  Pretty little princess again and happy nursing mama.

In the refrigerator…homemade granola.  I love the recipe on the back of the Let’s Do Organic Coconut bag…sometimes we add extras like pecan pieces or craisins, but no matter how we make it, it’s always a hit.

I am wearing…black “lounging pants” (yep, that’s what they’re called on Old Navy’s website), a blue shirt and socks.  The socks are not because it’s cold…it just is so dreary outside that I figured it must be a sock day.

I am creating…a horse unit study.  The boys are thrilled.  It’s filled with lots of Billy and Blaze books, a few classics (like Misty and The Black Stallion), and tons of awesome nonfiction books (booklists and plans coming soon!)

We are preparing to celebrate…Lent.  Keeping it very simple this year.

Someday I am going to miss…conversations like the one we had last week on the way to the beach.  William said, “Hey, Mommy, you know what I’m going to be when I grow up?”

“No, what?” I asked.

“A daddy, a fisherman, and a spa person.” (he loves fixing my hair and massaging me…who I am to judge?)

Joseph piped up, “Well, I’m going to be an author and a daddy.”

I asked Andrew, “And you?  What do you want to be when you grow up?”

He replied, very matter-of-factly, “A puddle.”

Hmm, how do you respond to that.  “What kind of puddle?”

“A mud puddle.”

Both Joseph and William murmured approval, “That sounds interesting.”

Then Joseph again, “Oh I forgot. I’m also going to be a game maker.”

Andrew, “Yep, I’m going to be a game maker, too.

William, “Really, Roo.  How can you be a game maker when you’re a puddle?  You just can’t do both.”

No one and I mean no one here seems fazed by the idea that Andrew wants to be a puddle when he grows up.  I guess I’ve done my job…my kids truly believe they can be anything they want to be when they grow up.  Anything.

I am readingIt Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  Yes, I am going to do the Whole30.  Yes, I have looked in the mirror and I know I don’t need to lose weight.  I want to break the sugar addiction.  I’m tired of my food ruling me, instead of the other way around.  Sarah MacKenzie’s story inspired me.  I’m on board.  Whole30 will rock my world beginning February 23rd.  You may want to avoid me for a few days while I weep over the loss of chocolate and sugar.

In our learning room…finished our first experience of rock tumbling.  Absolutely amazing what a rock tumbler can do to a bunch of dirty old random rocks.

january 29, 2015 002_1 january 29, 2015 003_1 january 29, 2015 010_1 january 29, 2015 013_1

One of my favorite things…pulling out old pictures.

January 2015 006

A peek into my day…”Smile for the camera, Katie!”

january 29, 2015 009_1

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