Outside my window…the sound of the basketball hitting the ground…repeatedly…thump, thump, thump.

February 2015 067_1

I am remembering…our ride in the car yesterday.  Andrew managed to get in with no pants and no shoes.  We were just going for a short ride to get Katie to take a nap, so I didn’t pay much attention.  We passed a park and Andrew asked if we could stop to play.  I told him no, you don’t have any pants or shoes.  The other boys started to blame him for not being able to go to the park and before I could interfere, Andrew exclaimed, “It’s not my fault!  There was an invisible force and it blew my shoes and my pants off.”  Hmmph, hard to argue with that.

I am wondering…what was going on in each of the boys’ minds as they took their first horse ride…(Thank you, Mrs. Montesano, for being such a wonderful hostess at Glenoak today.  The spark was already lit, but today the fire was ignited…the world of horses is now ours to explore!)

February 2015 032_1 February 2015 035_1 February 2015 040_1

I am thankful…for pink.  After all those years of blue, there is much rejoicing in pink.  And that face she’s making?  That’s her smile when she sees the camera…nothing like the smile she offers when she first sees Andrew each morning or the smile she delights us all with as she laughs at the boys’ silly antics, but a frozen, bottom-tooth-only, smile offered only for the camera.  (Thank you, Stephanie, for the beautiful, hand-made gifts!)

February 2015 026_1

I am looking forward to…tonight.  Wednesday has become pizza and game night around here.  While originally I envisioned game night to mean board games, it’s kind of morphed into Hide n Seek night.  Whatever…at least everyone can play, everyone is happy, and everyone is doing something together (except when we’re hiding from each other, of course!).

I am considering…finally watching Food, Inc.  But I know that once I cross that line, there’s probably no going back.

In the refrigerator…all the fixings for pizza night…Italian sausage with veggies, sliced black and green olives, freshly shredded cheese.

I am wearing…jeans and a black t-shirt.

I am creating…Lent plans.  Simple.  Very, very simple.  Here they are…they’re so simple, that I don’t think they even warrant their own post!

1.  Bury the Alleluia…we do it every year.  We have these beautifully painted wooden letters that spell out the word.  The day before Ash Wednesday, we sing it, we say it, we chant it…we get it out of our systems.  Then we bury it and we fast from it.  For those of you who don’t know…during Lent, as a Church, we do not say the word Alleluia.  At all.  Alleluia is meant to be an Easter word.  And so for 40 days, we bury it and we don’t let it slip…then on Easter morning, there is much rejoicing as we reclaim the missing word….we are literally filled with joy as we proclaim Alleluia on Easter!

2.  Stations of the Cross each Friday.  Sometimes we use the DVD to pray the stations, sometimes we pray the stations that line our hallway, sometimes we visit the cemetery and the stations there.  We almost always use the book The Story of the Cross to aid us in our devotions.  However we do it, we make sure we do it because it is a deeply rooted tradition that allows us the opportunity to meditate on the Way of the Cross and really, is there any better devotion than that during Lent?

3.  The Good Shepherd Parable and the Jesus Tree.

4.  Our family devotions…this year, we’re going to be using Bringing Lent Home with St. Therese of Lisieux by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle and as a read-aloud for the older boys, Amon’s Adventure.

5.  A Calendar Countdown.

6.  Our individual sacrifices.  We don’t eat meat on Fridays…that’s called for by the Church, but considering the fact that my kids eat whatever is served to them, it doesn’t feel like much of a sacrifice over here (not even to Daxson or I, who usually eat fish on Fridays year-round), so I also ask each of the kids to give up something that’s a big deal for them for the duration of Lent…it could be as simple as juice with dinner or syrup with breakfast.  I like it to be tangible, though.  (When they make sacrifices like “I’m going to quit whining,” it’s a little hard for kids to “see” that and therefore, they tend to forget about their sacrifice over the course of Lent and they lose sight of the purpose of making a sacrifice…which, of course, is rooted in the idea that Jesus willingly sacrificed his life for us…surely, we can suffer a little during the 40 days of Lent in our own small ways in an effort to grow closer to Him.)  Making these small sacrifices is actually a big deal in the spiritual life of children…it forces them to call to mind how incredibly blessed they are each time their sacrifice is repeated.  Even though it feels small, to us who are overindulged and spoiled, the act of giving something up…anything, no matter how small, rewires our thinking and makes us grateful for all the many blessings in our life…even the small things in life…juice with dinner or syrup with breakfast.  I also ask the older kids to make one positive change in their lives during Lent (this is a sacrifice, too!  Changing habits is hard!)…this is usually a little more intangible…maybe to commit to exchanging a good habit for a bad habit or making a commitment to do something that makes them a better person (or a better brother or a better son, etc.)

We are celebrating…another missing tooth!  And he lost it at the beach…again!

February 2015 068_1

I am readingMockingjay by Suzanne Collins (you have got to read this series!) and It Starts with Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, along with Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan…totally excited about the Whole30 (which is part of my Lenten journey).

In our learning room…it’s our week off (we’re Sabbath schooling this year…6 weeks on, 1 week off…seriously loving it).  We’ve done a whole lot of nothing…well, maybe not a whole lot of nothing…just a whole lot of things that might not be considered productive, but all very nourishing…lots of reading, beaching, and picnicking.  And we’re keeping up with our reading streak.  So all is good.

One of my favorite things…having children old enough to help out.  I came in the other day and found the table all set and ready to go (thanks Joseph!)

February 2015 002_1

A peek into my day…we call Granny a lot these days.  I’m not kidding.  A LOT.  And the conversation usually goes like this…

Katie: (very breathy) hi

Granny:  Hi Katie!  How are you?

Katie:  goo

Granny:  Good?  (thank goodness Mom can infer what she’s saying!)  Oh, I’m so happy to hear that!

Katie:  loyou

Granny:  I love you, too!

Katie:  (very clearly) Bye!

Granny: Okay, bye!

january 29, 2015 019_1

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3 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. Well Stacie, as always, I love the pictures. I love your ideas and your Lenten focus is wonderful. I think that your little family will have a wonderful Easter after a Lent like that. I love you dear daughter. (Love the phone calls too.)


  2. Stacie,I so enjoy your writing and “watching” your children grow and learn!You often introduce me to new books, and in this entry my husband and I learned about not saying Alleluia during Lent.You are just an amazing person!Blessings, Sue CardenEducational Consultant361-288-7966 EDC Publishing – Usborne & Kane Miller Books Books and Business Opportunity: School & Library Programs: Fundraising: Start your own business for as little as $69. No monthly quotas. More consultants are NEEDED across the country! Contact me for info.


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