Outside my window…it’s cold and wet, again but the boys have donned their coats and are out there regardless.

I am reflecting on…Joseph’s sweet comment last weekend when Trammie (my parents’ neighbor) came over.  She was showing them how to do cartwheels and back flips.  As she was leaving, William said, “Check out my cartwheel!” and then he did a perfect cartwheel.  Trammie responded, “Great job!  Now you just have to work on your back flips.”  Joseph said, “And I just need to work on my courage…being that high off the ground scares me!”

From the learning rooms…our horse unit study has begun!  Lots of talk around here about breeds and horses in history.

From the kitchen…the Whole30 has begun!  Lots of veggies around here!

I am wearing…black pants, a gray long sleeve Gap t-shirt, and these awesome slipper boots that Mom gave me.  Nice and cozy.

I am creating…a list for curriculum ideas for next year.

I am laughing…about our visit to the petting area at the Snake Farm.  Those were some seriously aggressive (or maybe just really hungry?!) petting zoo animals.  Before we even made it through the gate, the llama grabbed Andrew’s entire bag (bag and all) and went off to devour it, a goat tried to snatch the bag out of my purse, and two goats made it through the entrance gate (Uncle Dustin had to herd them back into the petting area).  Even once we were in, a sheep grabbed Joseph’s bag (as you can see in the picture where he’s running from the sheep!)  It was pretty entertaining!

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I am going…to try my hand at making bone broth soon.  There’s a whole bag of bones in the freezer just waiting for me.

I am readingThe Little Oratory.

I am remembering…our trip to the Snake Farm for Alex’s birthday.  Everyone enjoyed it…especially the birthday boy!  He’s such an expert on all animals…it was like having our own personal tour guide!

February 2015 059_1 February 2015 067_1 February 2015 104_1 February 2015 109_1 February 2015 111_1 February 2015 115_1 February 2015 118_1 February 2015 119_1February 2015 129_1 February 2015 130_1February 2015 122_1 February 2015 124_1
I am hearing…Joseph’s voice on the Sparkup as Andrew listens (seriously, for a pre-reader, this thing is awesome!  You can record ANY book on it…we’ve filled our Sparkup with lots of our favorites, all read by us!).

february 2015 035_1 february 2015 038_1

Around the house…you know, laundry, cooking, cleaning, playing, reading.  All the usual.

One of my favorite things…filing taxes…not the whole process, just the completed product.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Joseph wants to start sewing again…Mario characters.  This should be interesting.

Here are some pictures I thought worth sharing…from our trip to Pioneer Farms (these donkeys were much nicer to feed!)

February 2015 146_1 February 2015 147_1 February 2015 152_1 February 2015 155_1 - Copy February 2015 157_1 February 2015 159_1 February 2015 160_1 February 2015 161_1 February 2015 162_1
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