Catching a Pet

One day, after our picnic lunch, we all laid around watching the birds at the feeder.

Valentine's Day 2015 052_1

Suddenly William was struck with an idea.  “Where are you off to?”  I asked.

Valentine's Day 2015 051_1

“I think I can lure a bird to me with some bird seed,” he replied.

Valentine's Day 2015 062_1

He waited patiently.  No luck.

Valentine's Day 2015 053_1

Then he had another idea.  “I need a butterfly net, Mommy.”

Valentine's Day 2015 057_1

William waited patiently with his net to see if he could catch a bird.  “I’ve always dreamed of having a pet, Mommy.  Today I’m going to catch one for myself.”

Valentine's Day 2015 067_1

He eventually changed his mind.  “I’ll try again later…Daddy told me I could probably catch a seagull at the beach if I drop some bread next time I’m there.”  Gee, thanks Dax.

Valentine's Day 2015 073_1

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