Outside my window…is where I am.  It is sunny and so beautiful.  A little tease by mother nature since tomorrow begins a new cold front with chilly days and lots of rain to come.  So looking forward to spring.

I am remembering…this interview with William almost 4 years ago.  Some things haven’t changed (at least he knows his name on the first try these days!).

What’s your name?  “2.”  No, not how old are you.  Your name.  (a look of ah-ha) “William.”

Very good.  How old are you?  “William.”  No, sweetie, this time I want to know how old you are.  How many years you are.  (another look of ah-ha) “2.”

What’s your favorite color?  “Black.” (he’s signing it as he says it)

What’s your favorite book?  “Black books.”  Okay.

What’s your favorite sport?  “Baseball.  They hit the ball with the baseball bat.”  (he swings his arms like a bat as he says it)

What’s your favorite thing to eat?  “Bread.  Bread.  Bread.”  (frantically signing it as well)  Bread?  Got it.

What’s your favorite fruit?  “Blackberries.”

What’s your favorite vegetable?  “Raspberries.”  That’s not a vegetable.  Do you like vegetables?  “No.”

What’s your favorite thing to do?  “Go outside.”

What do you like to do outside?  “Play in the mud.”  100% boy.

I am wondering…if I could make it through a GK Chesterton book.  Sometimes I read a quote of his and am so inspired but I haven’t actually read anything of his.  Any first time Chesterton suggestions?

I am thankful…for this treat that Daxson whipped together for me last night.  As he handed it to me, he proudly proclaimed, “Whole30 Compliant.”  I am absolutely thankful to have such unwavering support.

March 2015 045_1

I am looking forward to…spring.  Sunny days.  Warm days.  Play days.  Beach days.  Picnic days.  You get it.

I am considering…what I am going to do with Andrew for school next year.  I’m revisiting all of our old preschool curriculum, trying to find the right fit for him.

In the refrigerator…Day 10 of the Whole30.  I am learning lots of things about food and myself.  Redefining the definition of treat and waiting for the sugar demon to completely release his hold on me.

I am wearing…a black knit skirt and a blue fitted t.  I’ve got this adorable hairband in (made my Mom, of course!).  Andrew looked at me several times this morning and finally said, “Why are you wearing two hairbands (my hair is in a ponytail so he was counting the rubberband and the cloth hairband)?”  I said, “So I look beautiful for you.”  He replied, “Oh Mommy, you do.  You really do.  You are just so beautiful!”

I am creating…a pot of silky zucchini soup.  Seriously, Melissa Joulwan has created a masterpiece with such simple ingredients.

We are celebrating…a warm day.  I just saw a kid run by in nothing but underwear.

I am readingHold the Dream by Barbara Taylor Bradford and still working my way through The Little Oratory (such a wealth of awesome ideas!).

In our learning room…finishing up our grammar books already (how did we manage that?!).  Trying to decide if we move forward or find a supplement to finish out the year.

One of my favorite things…helpers in the kitchen.  Andrew asks to make applesauce every week.  Very faithfully.  And it’s oh so delicious.  Just apples and cinnamon.  (See, already we’re learning to appreciate nature’s sweetness…no sugar added!)

February 2015 045_1 March 2015 002_1 March 2015 043_1

A peek into my day…Katie went through a Dixie Chicks phase.  She kept asking to watch their video Ready to Run.  Then she saw these ballerinas.  Now she’s on a Taylor Swift kick.

february 2015 001_1

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One thought on “Daybook

  1. I loved seeing WIlliam when he was 2 and hearing his interview.
    The boys in the kitchen is just precious.
    Katie looks so big from the back in those clothes.
    Love you,


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