Outside my window…the rain has stopped leaving behind lots of perfect-to-jump-in mud puddles.  So I bet you can guess what we’ve been doing.

March 2015 096_1

I am remembering…William’s sweet and heartfelt prayer at bedtime recently, “And dear Jesus, I pray for a new baby boy…and a baby girl.  Oh twins!  Yes, I pray for twin babies for us.”

I am listening…to lullabies and enjoying the late night quiet.

I am wondering…how those Paleo people keep up with all the veggie prep…I feel like I’m spending lots of time in the kitchen (although turns out this Whole30 might just be worth it…I’m feeling great and have an abundance of energy these days!).

I am going…to try place our last order for this school year with Rainbow Resource this week.  Joseph’s almost done with his Grammar, so to tide us over until next year, we’re going to add some more diagramming and start with IEW’s Fix-It book 1.  William finished his first Italic book, so on we go.  Plus my littles just love those sillly FLIP crayons, so I need to restock.

I am thankful…for the library and it’s collection of classic Walt Disney movies.  This past movie night?  The Lion King.  The one before that?  101 Dalmations.  All the classics from my childhood.  And I can still sing along with (I amaze my children.)

In the kitchen…chocolate chili (from Well Fed), fried plantains (’cause I’m in love with those little suckers) and a whole lot of sweet potatoes.

I am wearing…black yoga pants (and I actually did yoga this morning!) and a pink Gap t-shirt.

I am creating…a list of things to do with Mom when she comes to visit.  Just how many hours of sleep can the two of us sacrifice to get the list done?  Maybe I’ll just toss the list and enjoy the visit!

We are preparing to celebrate…Saint Joseph’s Feast Day.  Have I ever told you what a huge deal namesake Feast Days are around here?

Someday I am going to miss…being stuck indoors on rainy days.

March 2015 028_1

I am reading…nothing noteworthy.

In our learning room…starting a few new books like Viking Adventure and The Matchlock Gun.

One of my favorite things…watching Katie get her baby dolls ready for nap each day.  There’s an entire routine.  First she lines them all up and lays them down on the pillow.  Then she gives each one a kiss and a nosie-nosie.  Then she covers them with the blanket and says “Ni-Ni, Bye!”  Then she lays down for her own nap.

March 2015 002_1 March 2015 004_1 March 2015 093_1

A peek into my day

March 2015 008_1 March 2015 010_1

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