Outside my window…the rain has finally stopped.  Again.  I heard it raining all night long and remembered that Katie left her doll outside.  I thought the poor doll was probably as good as ruined.  I woke up this morning and mentioned to Katie that her baby doll was probably extremely wet.  She took my hand and led me to her bedroom, all the while saying “baby, baby” and sure enough, that baby doll was tucked sweetly into the baby doll bed.  No one admits they brought her in and put her there.  Very strange.

I am remembering…Andrew’s comment this week.  I went out to the school room and brought in some books about bugs for him.  I thought he’d be so excited.  Instead he looked at them and said, “I don’t want to read those.  But if you brought in some dinosaur books, I’d be delighted.”  Really, delighted?  I just love this kid’s vocabulary!  I still laugh every time I remember the time he was looking for something in the couch and popped his head out, exclaiming that he had found “the most curious thing!”

On my iPod…catching up on the Read Aloud Revival and just subscribed to a new podcast from Pam Barnhill at EdSnapshots called Homeschool Snapshots.

I am wondering… how to explain the concept of twaddle to Joseph.  It’s like he is drawn to it.  I’m not saying he can’t read it, but it’s really not what I want his entire reading diet to consist of!  I’ve tried explaining the concept of “good literature” but in his mind, the books he’s choosing are good.  I tried a food analogy (which I thought was pretty brilliant) in which I compared twaddle to dessert.  He’s still not convinced that he should ever read anything that isn’t written by Adam Blade (in his own free time, at least.  He’s happy to read whatever I set in front of him when it comes to school work).  I’m open for suggestions.

I am going…to register for a few sessions at the Well Trained Mind’s online conference.  I’m very excited…the closest homeschool conferences are always at least 2 1/2 hours from me.  This will be a great opportunity to feed my mind and fuel my enthusiasm.  Lots of awesome speakers.  Lots of good topics listed on the agenda.  Now I just have to pick and choose.

I am thankful…for an afternoon with old friends that was long overdue!

March 2015 011_1 March 2015 020_1

In the refrigerator…Whole30 compliant food.  Last night we had a meatloaf and even though it wasn’t covered in thick yummy bacon (since the bacon at HEB has sugar!), it was still delightfully delicious.  I haven’t served bread at dinner in weeks now and I’m pretty sure no one has noticed.

I am wearing…a white skirt and a gray sleeveless top.  It’s so nice to have spring like weather!

I am creating…a library list that is seriously about a mile long.  You should have seen Joseph and I at the library earlier this week.  We could’ve used our wagon to cart everything out…instead you couldn’t even see poor Joseph behind the stack he had to carry!

We are celebrating…Saint Patrick’s Day.  Lots of green, lots of shamrocks, and lots of reading.

St. Patricks 2015 004_1 St. Patricks 2015 005_1 St. Patricks 2015 006_1 St. Patricks 2015 017_1

Someday I am going to miss…taking Dollie everywhere we go.

March 2015 013_1

I am reading…I am finishing up The Little Oratory, which has been a great read.  It’s full of tons of amazing ideas.  I’m also rereading What Would Jesus Eat, not because I plan to follow the diet, but because I’m just curious about the recommendations and what Jesus really did eat.  Still haven’t made up my mind as to what I’m going to change after this Whole30 is over.

In our learning room…speeding through the first part of Story of the World 2 (again).  Our history journey is such a mess, but I think maybe we’ve found our groove.  (Don’t quote me though…I’ve thought that multiple times in this past year!)

One of my favorite things…long days at the beach…

March 2015 030_1 March 2015 031_1 March 2015 010_1 March 2015 005_1 March 2015 004_1

A peek into my day…ice cream sundaes on Sunday!

March 2015 068_1 March 2015 067_1 March 2015 062_1 March 2015 058_1 March 2015 057_1

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