Outside my window…it is sunny and in the 70s.  Absolutely perfect.

I am remembering…the laughter out of William on this day 5 years ago when Joseph had the brilliant idea to hide in the closet and pop out…repeatedly.


I am listening…to Joseph and William as they create with Legos and Andrew as he runs back and forth past my window, trying to ask Daxson a million questions.

I am wondering…if she could possibly be any cuter…

March 2015 043_1

I am going…to browse my stack of Scholastic flyers and see if there’s anything worth adding to our shelves.

I am thankful…to see Ted Cruz announcing his presidential bid.

Around the house…cleaning things out.  Like the filing cabinet.  And the abundance of toys.  And yes, even the book shelves.

In the refrigerator…today is the last day of the Whole30 (more about that experience soon!).  There are salmon burgers for dinner which I’ll serve with some roasted sweet potatoes.  I can honestly say I’m a little tired of sweet potatoes.

I am wearing…a skirt Mom made me with a polo Gap shirt.  Pretty sure I match but the styles definitely clash.

I am creating…a list of seeds to pick up at the plant nursery later this week.  I’m dreaming big, but I’m going to have to scale down…my garden is only 4 ft by 8 ft!

We are preparing to celebrate…a visit with Granny.  Lots of time planned for the beach.

Someday I am going to miss…the look of pure adoration my littles bestow on me.

I am reading…(still) finishing up The Little Oratory.  I’m only reading a few paragraphs a day, so I may still be finishing this up for awhile!  The thing that impresses me the most is the depth of the suggestions.  I guess I thought the book would be more of a quick guide on setting up a little oratory in a home with children.  On the contrary, the thoughts the authors share would help any Catholic on their spiritual journey.  The actual steps on how-to set up a little oratory barely takes up a chapter.  The other chapters are full of spiritual guidance, quotes, and suggestions on how to actually USE the little oratory.  Brilliant and very inspiring.

One of my favorite things…the look of pure joy over something so simple as mud.

March 2015 066_1 March 2015 073_1 March 2015 075_1

A peek into my day

March 2015 035_1

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