Outside my window…Katie is experimenting with a hand kite.  It’s windy enough these days…she doesn’t even have to move to get it flying!

May 2015 079_1 May 2015 080_1 May 2015 081_1 May 2015 082_1

I am remembering…my conversation with Joseph this weekend.  He and the other boys were “digging a hole to the other side of the world.”  I said, “You know it’s going to get really hot as you approach the center of the Earth, right?”  He replied, “That’s why we’re going to get a fireproof submarine.”  Right.  Of course, why didn’t I think of that?

May 2015 002_1 May 2015 004_1 May 2015 009_1 May 2015 010_1 May 2015 011_1_1 May 2015 012_1

I am listening…to Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny on my iPod.

I am pondering…the difference between boys and girls.  I am quite certain I never did this with my dolls.

May 2015 026_1

I am wondering…if it’s just me and my HEB or if anyone else has noticed that the apples this spring have absolutely no flavor.

I am reflecting…on what’s going on in Iraq with ISIS and I am deeply affected by the idea that those mothers sometimes have to choose which children to save.  It makes my heart ache.

I am going…to really have to rethink gift giving around here…if chopstick men are so highly entertaining, why oh why do I keep spending so much on fancy toys?

May 2015 017_1 May 2015 018_1 May 2015 020_1

I am thankful…for all the little helpers I have.  Although today I asked Katie if she wanted to unload the silverware (meaning unload the clean silverware and put it into the drawer).  She said yes, so I pulled up a stool and said, “here you go!”  I came back a few minutes later to discover she had unloaded the clean silverware from the drawer…and loaded it into the dishwasher!

May 2015 011_1

Around the house…trying to finish up an ABC scrapbook for Katie’s birthday.

In the refrigerator…homemade coleslaw, but apparently it’s been too long since I’ve made it…it just doesn’t taste the same as usual…guessing I forgot something.

I am wearing…a black skirt and a blue Land’s End tank top.

I am creating…lists upon lists for next year.

We are preparing to celebrate…lots of birthdays.  Katie’s is May 31.  Joseph’s is 11 days later.  Then Andrew’s is 11 days after that.

Someday I am going to miss…this kid’s imagination.  Here he was Robin Hood…IN DISGUISE.

May 2015 118_1

I am reading…Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin for book club, Elizabeth Pantley’s No Cry Discipline Solution and Three Weeks in Paris by Barbara Taylor Bradford just for fun.

One of my favorite things…art in the backyard where I don’t have to worry about cleaning up.

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A peek into my day

May 2015 104_1

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