Outside my window…it is cloudy and breezy.  Thankful the rain has passed.  Praying for the Wimberley flood victims and their families.

I am remembering…Katie’s little voice calling out, “Look boys!  Look boys!” after almost every meal.  She hops down from the counter, runs to the couch, assumes this position and enthusiastically calls, “Look boys!” until everyone oohs and aahs over her accomplishment (and sometimes they join in!).

May 2015 021_1 May 2015 020_1 May 2015 022_1 May 2015 024_1

I am listening…to the whir of this spray bottle fan as Katie squirts my leg.  Again.  And again.  And again.

I am wondering…what in the world is so fascinating about whoopee cushions.  Seriously.

I am going…to try to make some final decisions about curriculum for next year…I’ve been dragging my feet for quite awhile.  It’s time to decide.

I am pondering…this blog post and wondering how often I allow Satan to steal my motherhood.

I am thankful…for Sculpey clay on rainy days…I have no idea what their creations are meant to be, but they’re happy and it kept them busy for a long time.

May 2015 009_1

In the schoolroom…this is our week off, so aside from reading, we’re vegging.  Our idea of vegging?  Lots of outdoor playtime, splashing in the pool, building with k’nex, and lots of family board game time (the boys’ current favorite? Clue!).  Last week we spent the week with Five in a Row’s Papa Piccolo.  I tend to forget how much we love FIAR!

May 2015 002_1

Around the house…wrapping gifts and trying to get through my to-do list before the week is over.

In the refrigerator…just finished up an apple pie (made by Joseph!) and looking forward to some cookies that William is planning to bake.

I am wearing…a jean skirt and a Glenn Beck Merit t-shirt.

We are preparing to celebrate…lots and lots of birthdays, starting with Katie’s this weekend.

Someday I am going to miss…these sweet little hands on my face as she leans nose to nose with me to whisper, “Milk, Mommy, milk.”

May 2015 053_1

I am reading…just refreshing my memory on Deconstructing Penguins as I prepare for our first Book Club Detectives meeting!

One of my favorite things…whipped cream covered faces.

May 2015 029_1

A peek into my day

May 2015 041b_1

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