Happy birthday Andrew (late…again)!

Dear Andrew,

People always ask you how old you are and you have been signing the number three for so long that when someone asked you last week how old you are, you automatically signed three. I delighted in watching your face as you realized that three fingers just wasn’t enough.  You giggled and popped another finger up and then proudly announced, “Now I’m four!”

July 2015 044_1_1

It’s true…you are four.  And bursting with all the energy and enthusiasm that a four year old can muster.  You are expressive and dramatic and you steal my heart each time you wrap your arms around me with a fierce embrace.  Throughout the day, you tell me, “Mommy, you’re my best friend” and I am honored to hold that spot.

4th of july 109_1

You are artistic and creative, always eager to paint or build.  You put your entire effort into whatever it is you are doing.  You love the idea of growing up, of being able to do what the big boys do, be it holding your breath under water or sleeping in the bunk beds.

July 2015 013_1_1

Everyday you amaze me…with your sweet disposition, your enthusiastic embrace of life, your dramatic interpretation of everything around you…I’m so thankful I get to share these moments with you.

July 2015 058_1

Love, Mommy


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