Outside my window…it is sunny and hot, but breezy.  One kid is flapping around in the pool, one is concocting sand creations and the other two are hopping around in the shade.

I am remembering…date night with Joey a few nights ago.  He was so thrilled to be out with just Daxson and me.  Unfortunately, his eyes were bigger than his stomach and after eating every.single.course at PF Changs, he learned that we might just be right about all things in moderation.  He’s already vowed to eat less next time we go out (as in skip the soup, appetizer and dessert or maybe just skip the dinner portion).

July 2015 134_1 July 2015 135_1 July 2015 136_1 July 2015 137_1 July 2015 138_1

I am listening…to the buzz of the neighbor’s weed whacker and the birds chirping.  Seriously.  These kids are strangely quiet…each in his own little world.  I’m not complaining because give it five minutes and this backyard will be full of little voices competing for attention.

I am wondering…how people with big families do it…it literally took us three weeks to get through a summer cold!  I can’t imagine if there had been another kid or two!

I am going…crazy trying to make some decisions about curriculum and book choices for this next year.  Usually by this point everything is ordered and ready for the new year.  I’ve been debating about MCT, Homeschool in the Woods’ timeline and IEW’s PAL.  Last night I finally made a final decision about MCT and the Homeschool in the Woods’ timeline package.  We’re going to try them both.  Still debating IEW’s PAL.

I am pondering…Elizabeth’s words…”Sometimes — often, really — our children teach us our most important lessons. I think maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be; the most important lessons and the hardest ones for us to master are the ones that they grasp before we do. And so they lead us by their examples, and we find ourselves someplace better.”

I am thankful…for such a fun visit with our dear friends…a trip to the Botanical Gardens, an afternoon of goop and toe paint and Jen’s birthday…a multitude of reasons to celebrate!

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In the schoolroom…summer plans are keeping us busy…daily math and reading, our tinkerlab, poetry tea time and the Renaissance.  Our minds are being filled to the brim!  Joseph and William are also preparing their stories for the big story contest (both are convinced that their stories are first prize worthy…we will see!).

Around the house…beds are changed, floors are scrubbed, laundry is done.  Until tomorrow.

In the refrigerator…Joseph has been cooking breakfast and bread, so we’ve got leftover squash rolls and berry muffins.

I am wearing…black shorts and a black and white striped polo…wait, I just looked and I think this polo is navy blue and white striped…so much for matching my shorts to my shirt…perhaps getting dressed in the dark should not be part of the plan.

We are preparing for…a weekend in Austin…hoping for lots of swimming and playtime with Alex.

Someday I am going to miss…hearing the question “why?”…

July 2015 093_1 July 2015 095_1 July 2015 096_1

I am readingThe Goldfinch for book club and Consider This for my own summer education (and I really do find myself considering!).

One of my favorite things…Sundays.

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A peek into my day

July 2015 129_1

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One thought on “Daybook

  1. I love seeing your days even though I am not there and I absolutely love your kiddos. I know that I am the granny but I still can’t image life without YOU ALL.


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