Outside my window…it is perfect.  Sunny.  Forecast for today is mid-70s.  I wish these kind of days were more common.

I am remembering…another little Superman from years ago…hard to believe this superhero is already getting his driver’s license.

Nov 15, 2015 080_1_1

I am listening…to the creak of the boys’ swings and their conversation about Superman.  Seems some fascinations with superheroes just never fade.

I am wondering…how other people get a good family picture.  Here’s the best out of a whole bunch that were taken…

IMG_0397_1_1p.s. thanks, Joseph, for the cross-eyed look…it certainly makes the picture an authentic representation of what our lives are usually like ; )

I am going…to have to think about winter coats for a few of these little kiddos.  It’s hard to think about heavy clothing when it’s still so warm outside, but I know how the wind doth blow…one day it’ll be beautiful and sunny, the next day it will be shivery cold.  I better get on it.

I am pondering…the thrill of going up the slide rather than down it.  Every kid does it.  Without fail.  And every kid loves it.  Without fail.  Why?


I am thankful…for a successful first camping trip (with the kids, that is).  Somehow, I got really lucky and not only do I have an amazing sister and an amazing sister-in-law, but they both double as my best friends.  Having both of them there, along with their awesome kids (who, of course, double as my awesome nephews!) and husbands, really made this first camping trip with the kids special.

We camped at Stephen F. Austin State Park, which was beautiful…lots of tall trees and hiking trails.  It’s located on the Brazos River and it’s about 30 minutes from the outskirts of Houston, so it was a bit humid.  We had the park to ourselves, which made for a relaxing adventure (no need to worry about the kids bothering anyone).  The following day we headed into Bellville to visit Newman’s Castle.

IMG_0032_1_1 IMG_0036_2_1 IMG_0058_3_1 IMG_0063_1_1 IMG_0071_2_1 IMG_0072_3_1 IMG_0080_4_1 IMG_0089_5_1 IMG_0091_6_1 IMG_0101b_7_1IMG_0234_1_1 IMG_0121_1_1 IMG_0122_2_1 IMG_0128_3_1 IMG_0133_4_1 IMG_0136_1_1 IMG_0137_2_1 IMG_0144_3_1 IMG_0145_4_1 IMG_0146_5_1 IMG_0147_1_1 IMG_0152_2_1 IMG_0161_3_1 IMG_0165_4_1 IMG_0178_1_1


IMG_0181_2_1 IMG_0184_3_1 IMG_0188_4_1 IMG_0189_5_1 IMG_0198_6_1 IMG_0206_1_1 IMG_0223_2_1 IMG_0224_3_1 IMG_0227_4_1 IMG_0229_5_1

In the schoolroom…Thanksgiving plans are in full swing.  Last week our focus was on the Wampanoag Indians.  This week we’re focusing on the Pilgrims.  Next week, of course, will be a week of reflection on the First Thanksgiving.  Lots of great books, a few crafty projects, a couple of specially chosen DVDs and some Thanksgiving tunes.  We’ve got this holiday covered.

Around the house…trying to sort through toys before the Christmas onslaught.  Would love to hear how you keep things simple and organized.

In the refrigerator…all the ingredients for kolaches are waiting to be thrown together…Andrew has been asking for them since our camping trip.

I am wearing…black yoga pants, a purple Merit t-shirt, and a dark gray knitted shawl.  The shawl is a bit of an exaggeration but a crisp morning calls for a little fall accessory.

We are preparing for…A Year of Mercy.  Not sure what that’s going to look like with the kids yet, but my reading list is ready to go.  Here’s what I’m planning…

The Church of Mercy: a collection of Pope Francis’ thoughts regarding his vision for the Catholic Church, which is namely a call for mercy, service, and renewal.

Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life: a theology based book looking in depth at the essence of the gospel (yea, I totally just used its title to describe it).

Mercy in the City:  the memoir of a young lady who decided to spend Lent living out the Corporal Works of Mercy

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told: Now is the Time of Mercy

With God in Russia and He Leadeth Me:  The first book, With God in Russia, tells the story of Father Ciszek and his journey to Russia where he was imprisoned as a “Vatican spy” in labor camps for 15 years.  His faith gave him the courage he needed for each moment and upon his release, he offered forgiveness and mercy to his captors.  He Leadeth Me, the spiritual memoir of his journey, is meant to be read alongside With God in Russia.

Someday I am going to miss…seeing Katie in her pink tutu.

I am readingThe Worry Cure by Robert Leahy Daxson and I have been reading bits of it together, laughing at our scores on the assessments.  I’m also reading Cocktails for Three for a little light reading.  And I’m back to Genesis in the Bible.  No specific book for our December book club.  Instead we’re going to each talk about the book(s) that have changed our lives.  I’d love to hear about your life-changers in the comments! 

One of my favorite things…an excuse to pull out my camera.

IMG_0740_1_1 IMG_0743_2_1 IMG_0752_3_1 IMG_0759_4_1

A peek into my day…William is pretty impressed with himself.  After reading The Flying Hockey Stick, he decided to invent a flying contraption of his own.  He “invented” this handy propeller.  I’m still waiting to see where he flies off to.  (The Flying Hockey Stick has been re-published by Purple House Press.  If you haven’t hopped over there to see all the old gems they are re-publishing, it is totally worth your time. Keep an eye on their bargain basement…tons of awesome deals!)

IMG_0715_1_1Please visit The Simple Woman’s Daybook for more daybook entries.

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