Outside my window…happy little people.

February 2016 064_1_1

I am remembering…William’s face when he went up to receive his award for 2nd place in his grade level for his division at the Regional Science Fair.  He had that same smile all the way across the stage.  Such pride and wonder, all in one.  Both boys did a beautiful job with their projects and they both had a great experience presenting to the judges.

Science fair 2016 007_3_1_1 Science fair 2016 008_1_1 Science fair 2016 005_4_1 Science Fair 2016 015_1_1 Science Fair 2016 019_1_1 Science fair 2016 002_2_1 Science fair 2016 001_1_1

I am thankful for…moments like this.

February 26, 2016 013_1_1

I am watchingCovert Affairs at night with Daxson.  It’s no Veronica Mars, but it’s keeping us entertained.

I am listening…to Andrew hum a jolly little tune while he’s playing in the dirt.

I am wondering…if my kids will remember this moment, celebrating another year with Grandpa Larry, as joyfully as I will.

March 2016 009_1_1

I am going…a little crazy reading about the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet and making meal plans.  I’m tagging along on Leslie‘s journey…we begin Monday.

March 2016 035_1_1

I am pondering…Voltaire’s words (as written about here), “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”  I could write an entire post about those words and how often I allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good around here. 

I am praying…that this book will make a difference.

March 2016 012_1_1

I am laughing…about Katie’s reaction when Daxson showed up with this guy for breakfast last week.

March 2016 003_1_1She seems much more receptive than the last time Andrew showed her a caterpillar…

may 2015 021_1

I am admiring…Jessica and her entire backyard.  She’s got a few amazing different projects going from raising bees to growing strawberries to making her own purses to collecting fresh eggs from her chickens every day to experimenting with growing sweet potatoes to watching butterflies emerge along her fence.  You can read about her recent project, making coon skin hats, from beginning to end over here.  I am inspired.

February 18, 2016 032_1_1 February 18, 2016 059_2_1 February 18, 2016 063_3_1 February 18, 2016 065_4_1 February 18, 2016 069_5_1 February 18, 2016 070_6_1 February 18, 2016 049_3_1 February 18, 2016 033_7_1 February 18, 2016 036_8_1 February 18, 2016 039_1_1 February 18, 2016 043_2_1 February 18, 2016 050_4_1 February 18, 2016 052_5_1 February 18, 2016 053_6_1 February 18, 2016 055_7_1

I am planting…medicinal herbs in my spring garden.  I started with lemon balm, calendula and chamomile.

I am learning…more than I ever wanted to know about allergies and asthma.

In the schoolroom…we recently finished these darling Leap Year time capsules.  Let’s hope we remember to pull them out in 4 years ; )

March 2016 002_1_1

Around the house…William needed buttons to do his math with the other day.  Then Katie discovered the button box.  I forgot how delightful something so simple could be.

March 2016 004_1_1 March 2016 005_2_1 March 2016 010_3_1

In the kitchen…a fresh batch of homemade chocolate.  William has been asking for days to make some and this morning was full of opportunity.  We’re now (anxiously) waiting for it to cool.

I am wearing…my Lularoe leggings!

February 2016 068_1_1

We are preparing for…life with a rebel ; )

March 2016 016_2_1

Someday I am going to miss…quiet Friday morning art lessons.

March 2016 050_2_1 March 2016 051_1_1

I am reading…my cousin Craig’s latest novel, October’s Letter (that’s right…I’m related to a bona-fide published author!); The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (I just finished her fascinating book Better than Before…so loved that book, but I’m a lover of all personality boxes, so having another way to categorize myself makes me happy!); The Church of Mercy.  When I finish October’s Letter, I borrowed We Never Asked for Wings from the library (I loved Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s book The Language of Flowers so I’m hoping this one will be just as good!), so that’s next in line. 

One of my favorite things…watching this little girl explore the world around her.

February 2016 105_1_1

A peek into my day

February 2016 179_1_1

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