Outside my window…our tea is brewing.

March 2016 022_1_1

I am remembering…that all of these little people began with dinner at Bennigans.

March 2016 152_1_1

I am thankful for…the chance to catch up with old friends and a quick visit with Granny and Pappy (sorry for all the photos, but everybody needed their individual picture with Granny AND Pappy!)

March 2016 120_1_1 March 2016 124_2_1 March 2016 127_3_1 March 2016 131_4_1 March 2016 135_5_1 March 2016 138_6_1 March 2016 141_7_1 March 2016 143_8_1 March 2016 144_9_1 March 2016 145_10_1 March 2016 146_11_1 March 2016 147_1_1 March 2016 148_2_1 March 2016 149_3_1 March 2016 150_4_1 March 2016 154_5_1 March 2016 156_6_1 March 2016 165_7_1 March 2016 167_8_1  March 2016 170_10_1 March 2016 171_1_1 March 2016 172_2_1

I am watchingCovert Affairs at night with Daxson.  It’s no Veronica Mars, but it’s keeping us entertained.

I am listening…to the breeze as it ruffles my curtains.  I wish I could bottle this temperature to reopen in the middle of the summer when the heat feels unbearable.

I am wondering…how other people do it.  And by it, I mean everything.  I feel like some days all I do is cook, clean, repeat.  Other days it feels like wash, fold, repeat.

I am laughing…as I flip through the (400+) photos Joseph took on my phone when we were grocery shopping.  It’s fun to see the world through his eyes.

March 2016 193_3_1 March 2016 212_4_1 March 2016 233_2_1 March 2016 417_1_1 March 2016 502_5_1

I am reflecting…on the boomerang errand, as described by Gretchen Rubin…this week feels like boomerang after boomerang.

In the schoolroom…we finally got our act together and got our Herb Fairies video made for the contest.

Around the house…laundry piles, but clean floors.  Give and take.

In the kitchen…AIP meals.  I’m a little tired of meat, veggies and fruit.  And by a little, I’m not really being honest.

I am wearing…my boots.  Some things just make me happy.

March 2016 005b

We are preparing for…Easter Sunday!

March 2016 013_1_1 March 2016 014_2_1 March 2016 015_3_1 March 2016 016_4_1 March 2016 017_5_1

Someday I am going to miss…this missing tooth smile.  Right now I’m just trying to adjust it.  It is the result of Katie’s most recent bright idea.  Dancing on a booster seat?  Even if that booster seat is on the floor?  Probably not her smartest idea.  After she knocked her tooth out and managed to give herself a nice bump on the head, I tried to comfort her.  But she wasn’t upset because she was hurt.  She was furious that her tooth had the audacity to fall out.  Lots of spunk in this little girl.  The tooth fairy has visited; the missing tooth is now tucked safely away in the pink box that she received from Dr. Moore’s office; now we just wait 3 or 4 years for a new tooth to grow in.

March 2016 004_1_1 March 2016 008_2_1 March 2016 009_3_1 March 2016 010_4_1

I am readingHannah Coulter by Wendell Berry as part of my intentional reading list for 2016.

One of my favorite things…this couple.

March 2016 168_9_1

A peek into my day

March 2016 031_1_1


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