A Week of Gratitude (in pictures)

{A Week of Gratitude (in pictures)}:the chance to visually reflect on my daily blessings; an opportunity to let the good in my life soak deep in my memory; a moment to appreciate the happiness that surrounds me; a chance to acknowledge how incredibly beautiful this life really is

Sunday: Thankful for the times when her “brilliant” ideas actually do work out.

April 2016 179_1_1

Monday: Celebrating Andrew’s first missing tooth!

April 2016 186_1_1

Tuesday: A day at the beach to soak up the sun and the sand.

April 2016 195_2_1

Wednesday:  Listening to Joey read the books he wrote to Katie.

April 2016 001_2_1

Thursday:  Listening to this kid inform me about all the ways kids can stay safe (he’s the only kid I know that has read the safety handbook from cover to cover and enjoyed it).

April 2016 211_1_1

Friday: Pure joy.

April 2016 028_3_1

Saturday:  Some playground playtime at one of our favorite places with some of our favorite kids.

April 2016 037_1_1

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