June 2015 311_1_1You.

October 2015 207_3_1

Our energetic, inquisitive boy.

february 18 2016 012_1_1

Yesterday you turned seven.

April 2016 143_1_1

And we were blessed with the chance to celebrate another year with you.

December 2015 029_1_1

Another year of sharing our lives with you.

williams bday 177_1_1

Another year to watch the world unfold before you.

Tinkerlab July 2015 006_1_1

You are an endless fountain of questions.

September 2015 030_1_1

A joy to watch as you learn and discover.

October 2015 105_1_1A spark in our lives that keeps us entertained.


You are compassionate.


And kind.

October 15, 2015 153_1_1


williams bday 218_1_1

And loving.

December 2015 297_1_1

Adventurous and daring.

September 2015 108_1_1

You are a steady flow of energy, keeping our days full.

July 2015 035_1_1

Six was fun.

4th of july 093_1_1

It was marked with milestones.


Losing your front teeth.

jetty pools august 2015 024_1_1

Making your first communion.

1st communion 005_1_1

Winning second place at the regional science fair.

Science fair 2016 004_1_1

It was marked with the grind of day to day living.



May 2015 002_1_1


May 2015 049_2_1


May 2015 020_1_1


May 2015 072_1_1




May 2015 005_2_1

It was good.

March 2016 365_1_1

But seven is going to be a whole new adventure.

October 17, 2015 015_1_1

We’re ready.  Are you?

April 2016 115_2_1

One thought on “Seven

  1. Oh, my sweet little William who is a joy to be around. It is wonderful to see the world through your eyes. You keep me young and you keep me alive with the love of just living and experiencing life. I love you little seven year old.


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