Outside my window…school books cover the patio table.

April 2016 018_1_1

I am remembering…this.

Phoebe is protecting me_1_1

I am thankful for…for this dear friend.  We’re so alike in so many ways…it makes it so easy to understand one another.  Add to that the fact that she’s known me forever and it makes our friendship a bit like a pair of old jeans…comfortable, familiar and lovely.

April 2016 004_1_1

I am watching…weeds sprout up all around us this spring, wondering if any of them happen to be useful.  We recently went out to the Oso Wetlands Preserve and took a “Smarty Plants” tour with Sara.  It was so fun to learn to identify plants in the wild…just too bad that the tour didn’t take place in my neighborhood…that would have been so useful!

April 2016 012_1_1 April 2016 013_2_1 April 2016 014_3_1 April 2016 015_4_1 April 2016 016_12_1 April 2016 017_11_1 April 2016 018_10_1 April 2016 019_9_1 April 2016 020_8_1 April 2016 021_7_1  April 2016 023_5_1 April 2016 024_4_1 April 2016 025_3_1 April 2016 026_2_1_1 April 2016 027_1_1 April 2016 028_1_1 April 2016 029_2_1 April 2016 030_3_1

I am listening…to the water run as Andrew fills up a container for another “experiment.”  Who knew water and a color tablet could, repeatedly, be so fascinating?

I am wondering…which curriculum package to purchase for next year.  Yep, I’m moving over to a boxed curriculum.  I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

I am laughing…when I remember a conversation with Katie earlier this week.  She was trying to get her bag zipped but it was really full and she was having trouble.  She started screaming.  I told her, “Screaming won’t help.”  She screamed again just as the zipper gave way and the bag zipped shut.  “Oh yes it will,” she calmly replied.

April 2016 039_1_1

I am reflecting…on this thought from our book club book, The Summer Before the War, “It occurred to Hugh that in all the long years of affection, they had never hugged each other, or so much as slapped each other on the back, and he thought it sad and strange that it would take a war to wipe away the cold formalities of life.”

April 2016 002_1_1

In the schoolroom…our favorite days are Fridays…Shakespeare, herb studies, itsy bitsy yoga, art, chemistry, cooking and music…all the fun stuff packed into one day.  Ooh la la!

April 2016 006_1_1April 2016 010_1_1

Around the house…piles of laundry, all lined up to be folded and put away…just as soon as I post this.

I am celebrating…life!  These two beautiful souls both have April birthdays so when we had our book club meeting yesterday, we were able to wish them both birthday wishes (although, in hindsight, where were the cupcakes??!!).  Sheila was my cooperating teacher back in my student teaching days…she taught me to be organized, to have high expectations and to laugh…loud and often.  Jessie is a new addition to our book club and full of everything good to be adored…she’s artistic, thoughtful, well-traveled and brimming with all the joy that naturally goes along with being in her twenties.  You can read about her traveling adventures here.  Happy Birthday ladies!  Here’s to another year of good wine, good books, and good friends!

April 2016 007_1_1

In the kitchen…AIP snacks.  The Lemon Macaroons might just be addicting.

April 2016 149_1_1

I am wearing…nailpolish, lipstick and a purse that matches my outfit.  Weird, I know.  Not to worry, I won’t make the same mistake twice.

April 2016 032_1_1

We are preparing for…this kid’s 7th birthday.  Holy moly!  Where did the time go?


Someday I am going to miss…having my head chopped off by a budding photographer.

April 2016 064_1_1

I am readingMe Before You by Jojo Moyes (a book club selection that is right up my alley) and Mercy in the City by Kerry Weber (I started this a few months ago but it got buried under a pile of stuff…when I recovered it, it was a bit like meeting an old friend that I hadn’t seen in awhile, “Oh, you, I’ve missed you!”)

One of my favorite things…snuggling up for MacGyver.

April 2016 030_1_1

A peek into my day…if only I could pull off that headband.

April 2016 011_1_1

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  1. Well, as always I love to see this. I am so glad to “meet” the new book club member. You need to name your book club. Ours is RCDP. Want to know what it stands for? Just ask me.


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