Outside my window…I look out and see this kid sitting, relaxing, while reading the Penny Saver.  I’d be willing to give a penny for his thoughts.May 2016 044_1_1 May 2016 045_2_1

I am remembering…our old kitchen and playroom (I was looking through old pictures to find one of Joseph when he was little but I ran across this instead)…my goodness, I forgot about the wood paneled walls!  And those bar stools…where in the world did we get those?  Oh and the random door!  And the mint green formica…be still my beating heart! (The bar stools are missing in the renovation pictures, but just in case you’re worried…we did update those, too!)IMG_1716_1_1 house renovations 2013 008_1_1

I am thankful for…a little girl who likes pink.  Even if that’s all she likes.

I am watchingDownton Abbey with Dax at night.  I’m feeling quite British these days as I’m also listening to The Lake House by Kate Merton (read by a British narrator) and I just finished The Summer Before the War (which took place in England) and Me Before You (another book that took place in England).  Right.  I’ve got to go for tea now.  No really.  Herbal infusion though not black tea.  Does that count?

I am listening…to some little person pecking away at the piano keys.

I am wondering…where the time went!  Look at how tall Belle is getting!  I swear she went from this…April 1, 2011 003_1_1

to this overnight!May 2016 001_1_1

I am laughing…about William’s reaction to my new Eddie Bauer capri pants that I had on the other day.  I asked him if he liked them and I could tell he was really struggling to come up with an appropriate response.  Finally, he said, very slowly, “Yeeesss, I like them, but aren’t they, well, aren’t they a little short for you?”  Welcome to the world of fashion where the laws of reason don’t always apply.

I am reflecting…on this thought from Me Before You…”Just a few weeks away from home could rub the familiarity right off someone.  I felt like she was on the path to being someone I wasn’t quite sure of.  I felt, weirdly, as if I were being left behind.”  I wonder if this is how I’ll feel someday when my kids grow up and travel without me.  I wonder if anyone ever felt this way about me when I began traveling.

In the schoolroom…we are wrapping up our school year.  This is our last week!  Then it’s a week off before our summer plans begin.  Summer plans are all done and ready to go…a few of our upcoming favorites are our United States history and geography (these plans are full of great literature, copywork and narration opportunities!) and Lego StoryStarter (for Language Arts) plans.May 2016 002_1_1

Around the house…sorting through loads of toys and stuffed animals.  The birthday marathon is about to begin and with it a dozen new toys will need to find a place to be stored, so it’s out with the old and in with the new, I suppose.

In the kitchen…all kinds of herbal remedies…Valerian Tincture, St. John’s Wort oil, a Buckwheat pillow with lavender (that I sewed myself…amazing, quite honestly!).May 2016 030_1_1 May 2016 032_2_1 May 2016 040_3_1 May 2016 042_4_1

I am wearing…a black skirt and a sleeveless top that’s white with the outline of flowers in black and gray…gosh, I am terrible at describing things.  It might be easier to just show you…May 2016 002_1_1_1

We are preparing for…summer.  It’s already getting quite hot.  We were playing with Belle and Joe the other day and Belle asked if I minded if the kids got a drop or two of water on their clothes…clearly, Belle and I view “a drop of two of water” a bit differently!  The kids had a blast, though, and Lori was kind enough to let us borrow dry clothes for the ride home.  May 2016 010_1_1_1 May 2016 012_2_1 May 2016 016_3_1 May 2016 017_4_1

Someday I am going to miss…watching MacGyver in the middle of the night while I rub Katie’s growing pains with Roo tucked closely into my side.

I am re-readingTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee in preparation for reading Go Set a Watchman. 

One of my favorite things…these two.May 2016 020_2_1

A peek into my day…out for a walk around the neighborhood.May 2016 024_1_1 May 2016 025_2_1

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One thought on “Daybook

  1. As always, I love all of the pictures. Did you see Billy on the wall in the shower? Of course I felt like that when you and Leslie were on your own.


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