A Week of Gratitude (in pictures)

{A Week of Gratitude (in pictures)}:the chance to visually reflect on my daily blessings; an opportunity to let the good in my life soak deep in my memory; a moment to appreciate the happiness that surrounds me; a chance to acknowledge how incredibly beautiful this life really is

Sunday: A day of rest fun before the school year kicks off.

July 2016 071_1_1

Monday: First day of a new school year.

August 2016 043b_1_1

Tuesday:  The arrival of the last few school items. August 2016 058_1_1Wednesday: Homemade apple cinnamon play-doh.

August 2016 095b_1_1

Thursday: A beautifully led children’s book club meeting and a chance to meet new friends.

August 2016 007_5_1_1

Friday: A lesson on bees and the amazing honey making process from the Texas Honey Queen herself!August 2016 036_1_1Saturday:  A surprise visit from dear friends!August 2016 033_1_1_1



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