The End of Summer (part 1)

It doesn’t feel like the end of summer.  In fact, today it feels like an oven outside.  The kids plan to grab their swimsuits and flap around in the pool for a bit this afternoon, so I suppose summer isn’t officially over (and it won’t be in South Texas for quite some time), but the carefree days of being lazy and lounging in the shade of the trees and playing Legos for hours on end are over for awhile as we continue to move along in our new school year.

I thought it would be lovely to share some summer highlights here (so that when the boredom of routine creeps in at some point, we can look back and dream of summer days yet to come), however due to the ridiculous number of photos I took this summer, I’ll be kind and divide this post into parts.  ; )  You’re welcome.

Birthdays:  We kicked off our end of the school year with Katie’s 3rd birthday, 11 days later we celebrated Joey’s 9th birthday Star Wars style, and 11 days after that we celebrated a sweet little 5th birthday for Andrew.

Katie’s birthday included a visit from Granny and Pappy (with a quick trip to the mall with Granny for some new shoes and cute summer clothes) plus a whole lot of pink, some doll play and new make-up (the boys were just as enamored with the pretend make-up kit as Katie was…don’t let them deny it).Katlyn's 3rd birthday 072_1_1

Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday 017_2_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 018_3_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 019_1_1

Katlyn's 3rd birthday 024_2_1


Katlyn's 3rd birthday 030_3_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 033_1_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 037_2_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 038_3_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 042_4_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 044_5_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 049_6_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 050_7_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 053_8_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 056_1_1    Katlyn's 3rd birthday 057_2_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 058_3_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 060_4_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 063_5_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 065_1_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 066_2_1 Katlyn's 3rd birthday 069_3_1

Joey’s birthday was celebrated with a Star Wars party.  We used quite a few of the ideas from here and tweaked a few and ended up with an awesome party.  The party was set-up as a Jedi Training Course where each padwan had a checklist of tasks to complete in order to earn his Jedi vest.

First they had to escape from the Death Star, which was an obstacle course that included navigating through storm trooper laser fire (red string strung up around the playset), wading through the trash pit (the pool filled with recycled trash), shooting down the tie fighter (using rubber bands to shoot at a poster of the tie fighter), bowling down storm troopers (literally bowling), and bombing the death star (tossing a ball into a bucket).  June 2016 006_1_1 June 2016 007_2_1 June 2016 018_3_1 June 2016 019_4_1 June 2016 020_1_1 June 2016 021_2_1 June 2016 022_3_1 June 2016 023_4_1 June 2016 026_5_1 June 2016 027_6_1

After that, they had to Build a Droid using cut-out pieces and glue sticks.  June 2016 009_1_1 June 2016 024_2_1 June 2016 028_5_1 June 2016 029_4_1 June 2016 033_3_1 June 2016 046_7_1 June 2016 048_6_1

Then they were off to complete Light Saber Training (pool noodles decorated with duct tape).  June 2016 004_1_1 June 2016 035_2_1 June 2016 037_3_1 June 2016 045_4_1

Next was the Design a Starfighter station where each padwan had to use Perler beads to build their own starfighter.  June 2016 003_1_1 June 2016 017_2_1 June 2016 030_3_1 June 2016 032_4_1 June 2016 047_5_1

After building a starfighter, the padwans headed off to Fight in the Jedi Bubble Wars.June 2016 038_1_1 June 2016 039_2_1 June 2016 040_3_1 June 2016 041_4_1 June 2016 042_5_1 June 2016 043_6_1 June 2016 044_7_1

Finally, each padwan was expected to head over to the Intergalactic Photo Booth where after having his/her photo taken, they received their official Jedi vest.  Clearly the photo booth was quite a bit of fun…even for the adults!June 2016 001_1_1 June 2016 010_4_1 June 2016 011_5_1 June 2016 034_2_1 June 2016 036_3_1 June 2016 050_6_1 June 2016 057_7_1 June 2016 070_1_1 June 2016 071_2_1 June 2016 072_3_1 June 2016 073_4_1 June 2016 083_5_1 June 2016 084_6_1 June 2016 085_7_1 June 2016 086_8_1 June 2016 087_9_1 June 2016 091_10_1Having each received their Jedi vest, the Jedis engaged in a light saber duel (although I’m not sure if duel actually means only two people fighting but Joey insisted that this was the correct way to describe the chaos that took place…Uncle Dustin would probably describe it more as a mob attack).June 2016 049_1_1 June 2016 051_2_1 June 2016 052_4_1 June 2016 053_3_1 June 2016 054_5_1 June 2016 060_6_1 June 2016 061_7_1The Jedis joined together for one last mission (of which I have no pictures!) where they had to follow a trivia question scavenger hunt in search of the Kylo Ren candle.  Once they found it, they were able to refuel with cupcakes and Vader-Ade (lemonade).  June 2016 063_1_1 June 2016 064_2_1 June 2016 065_3_1 June 2016 066_4_1 June 2016 067_5_1 June 2016 069_6_1Exhausted from their training and missions, they settled in to watch Joey open his gifts.  June 2016 074_1_1 June 2016 075_2_1 June 2016 076_3_1 June 2016 077_4_1 June 2016 078_5_1 June 2016 079_6_1Andrew’s birthday included lots of Legos, safari equipment and cupcakes along with an afternoon of playing with Walker and Gavin followed by a hot dog dinner (his favorite!) and movie night (he chose a new movie he received for his birthday, The Peanuts Movie).  June 2016 022_1_1 June 2016 023_2_1 June 2016 024_3_1 June 2016 026_4_1 June 2016 027_5_1 June 2016 028_6_1 June 2016 029_7_1 June 2016 032_9_1 June 2016 033_8_1 June 2016 034_1_1 June 2016 035_2_1_1 June 2016 036_3_1_1 June 2016 037_4_1 June 2016 040_5_1 June 2016 047_6_1 June 2016 048_7_1 June 2016 049_8_1 June 2016 051_9_1 June 2016 052_12_1 June 2016 053_11_1 June 2016 054_10_1




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