Outside my window…the mosquitoes are back.

I am remembering…our recent visit to Austin.  Leslie is turning 40 this next month so we spent the weekend celebrating youth and beauty while it still lasts (which for Leslie will probably be her entire life…the beauty part, at least.  I suppose youth is a relative term).August 2016 055_1_1 August 2016 058_2_1 August 2016 059_3_1 August 2016 060_4_1 August 2016 061_5_1 August 2016 062_6_1 August 2016 063_7_1 August 2016 064_8_1 August 2016 065_9_1 August 2016 066_10_1 August 2016 067_11_1 August 2016 072_12_1 August 2016 074_1_1 August 2016 075_2_1 August 2016 076_3_1 August 2016 077_4_1 August 2016 078_5_1 August 2016 079_6_1 August 2016 081_8_1 August 2016 082_9_1

I am thankful for…Audible on car trips.

I am wishing…for cooler weather so we can get back to camping.  We stopped by Palmetto State Park on the way home this weekend and while we enjoyed the hike along the trail, I’m pretty sure I might have melted in that heat and humidity if we’d stayed much longer.  Yep, I’m a certified wimp.August 2016 102_1_1 August 2016 103_2_1 August 2016 104_3_1 August 2016 105_4_1 August 2016 110_5_1 August 2016 114_6_1 August 2016 115_7_1 August 2016 122_8_1 August 2016 124_9_1 August 2016 126_10_1

I am listening…to the boys as they build a Lego set to recreate the movie 3 Ninjas (flashback to the dollar theater circa 1992 with Missy and Leslie).August 2016 009_1_1 August 2016 010_2_1

I am wondering…why Joey and William practically sit on top of each other to do their school work…they do realize there is an entire house to spread out in, right?  August 2016 005_3_1

I am watching…for strange things to come out of my dryer.  This one appeared last week courtesy of William’s pocket (William said the little guy had already died when he pocketed him so my conscience is clear as far as that goes).  August 2016 017_1_1

I am reflecting…on Katie’s ingenuity.  She forgot to pack her baby carrier when we went to Austin, so she used her dress as a carrier.  It worked almost too well…now I noticed all of her shirts are getting stretched out at the top.  (I was extremely happy when she rediscovered the joy of pushing the baby in the stroller!)August 2016 037_1_1 August 2016 040_2_1 August 2016 046_3_1 August 2016 094_4_1 August 2016 095_5_1

In the schoolroom…trying to motivate the boys to finish up their comic books for the book contest this year.  We finally got to take our first nature walk of the school year last week (it’s been so unbearably hot).  The kids filled their nature books with all kinds of observations.  August 2016 003_1_1 August 2016 004_2_1 August 2016 007_3_1 August 2016 009_4_1 August 2016 010_5_1 August 2016 011_6_1 August 2016 012_7_1 August 2016 013_8_1 August 2016 014_9_1 August 2016 015_10_1 August 2016 016_11_1

Around the house…paying bills, reconciling accounts, balancing everything to the penny (cause in my nerdy book, that’s just plain fun).

In the kitchen…gluten and dairy free lasagna.  It was really good and so creamy…if I had not baked it myself, I would have sworn there was cheese and wheat in it.

I am wearing…black shorts and a pink tank top.

We are preparing for…William’s surgery next week.  He had surgery 6 years ago on September 1st.  His lucky day this year?  September 1st.  Weird how life works that way.

Someday I am going to miss…getting caught in the rain in Goliad on a hiking trail with four little children who think getting caught in the rain is exciting and fun.  (But I won’t miss getting caught in the rain with a husband who does not think getting caught in the rain is exciting and fun.)

I am readingThe Count of Monte Cristo and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

One of my favorite things…this guy.  August 2016 099_1_1

A peek into my dayAugust 2016 024_1_1

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