Outside my window…two eager little scientists are happily experimenting with goop.

I am remembering…this spontaneous playdate right before William’s surgery with some of our favorite people.  Belle gave hula hooping lessons to the boys, Joe and Gavin practiced shooting hoops and Katie soaked up the thrill of having another girl in the crowd.  Later, Belle had the simple idea to use chalk to draw herself a house and the next thing we knew, a neighborhood developed on the driveway.  september-2016-097_21_1 september-2016-099_20_1 september-2016-100_19_1 september-2016-101_18_1 september-2016-102_17_1 september-2016-103_16_1 september-2016-104_15_1 september-2016-106_14_1 september-2016-107_13_1 september-2016-108_12_1 september-2016-109_11_1 september-2016-110_10_1 september-2016-111_9_1 september-2016-112_8_1 september-2016-114_7_1 september-2016-115_6_1 september-2016-116_5_1 september-2016-117_4_1 september-2016-118_3_1 september-2016-119_2_1 september-2016-120_1_1

I am thankful for…a new opportunity that has come my way.  I’m going to be a contributor for Corpus Christ Moms Blog.

I am in awe…of Jessica.  She is an incredibly talented seamstress, a budding beekeeper, a homesteading guru and now she can add leather work to her repertoire.  september-2016-094_1_1 september-2016-095_2_1

I am watching…nothing these days.  We didn’t realize there was only one season of The Man in the High Castle, so while we’re waiting for some new episodes, we’ve been making wise use of our quiet night time catching up on reading.

I am listening…the ding-aling of the timer, letting me know my herbal tea has finished infusing.

I am wondering…if there is some way to access my iTunes account (where I’ve downloaded audio CDs) so I can listen to it on my phone?  Any advice?

I am laughing…about William.  He wanted to be Indiana Jones, but he said he needed some stubble on his chin.  He asked if I had an idea of how he could do that.  I’m pretty sure my face reflected the blank feeling I had in my head.  He disappeared for a bit and when he returned he had stubble on his chin.  He had taken bits of paper, colored them and taped them to his chin.  Later when he was complaining that his chin was itchy, he decided that his method might need to be revised.  september-2016-003_1_1

I am reflecting…on this thought from The Man in the High Castle, “Fate is fluid.  Destiny is in the hands of men.”

In the schoolroom…it is our week off.  We’re making good use of our time.  Lots of reading, playing, exploring and relaxing.

Around the house…using the week to catch up on digital photography.  Photos are uploaded, prints are ordered.  Yep, I’m still fanatic about printing my photos…cause there’s nothing more entertaining than grabbing a box of photos, snuggling up on the couch and reliving some of our favorite memories!

In the kitchen…it’s Waffle Wednesday.  Gluten free King Arthur waffles.  One of our favorites.

I am wearing…jean shorts and a blue t-shirt.

We are preparing for…a new 6 weeks of school.  Our POE plans are all about Jamestown.

Someday I am going to miss…the giggles from these kids as Grandpa Larry chases them around the house trying to get their meechees.  (These pictures are AWFUL but I love Nury’s expression in the second one and Larry’s in the last one!)september-2016-008_1_1 september-2016-010_2_1 september-2016-018_3_1

I am reading…Circling the Sun by Paula McLain and Discovering Your Personality Type by Don Richard Riso.  The kids and I just started reading Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and we are loving it, laughing about all the subtle humor. 

One of my favorite things…being introduced to a whole new idea.  We had the opportunity to go see Uncle Bryan at work (he is a jeweler).  We got to learn about the process of lost wax casting and then we got to witness metal being melted.  It was the highlight of my little chemist’s week.  september-2016-041_1_1 september-2016-042_2_1 september-2016-048_3_1 september-2016-053_4_1 september-2016-057_5_1 september-2016-058_6_1

A peek into my dayseptember-2016-003_1_1_1

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3 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. You are right about the expressions on Nury and Larry’s face. They are priceless. I also think that the rest of the pictures are great.


  2. How will I ever learn as many skills as Jessica? 🙂 The belt is beautiful! I love Katie’s outfit with the blue shorts and peach top. Tell Billy he looks just like Indiana Jones! Maybe Billy and Alex should talk about how best to “dress up” and between the two of them they can come up with better ideas than marker and tape!


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