Dear Dr. Surgeon

We haven’t met.  Chances are slim that we ever will.  Yet you hold my future in your hands…literally.  See that woman on the operating table?  The one you refer to as your patient?  Well, she’s my mom.  She’s my dad’s wife.  My uncle’s sister.  My cousin’s aunt.  My children’s granny.  She’s not a number in a system or just a body on an operating table.  She’s a born person, unique in every way.  She’s precious to each of us.  She’s our encouragement when we feel down, our shoulder to cry on, our sympathetic ear.  For two of us, she’s the reason we’re here.  For others, she’s the reason we laugh and pray and find peace in our days.  So we just ask you to take extra special care of her.  Treat her as if she were your mom, your wife, your sister, your daughter.

She’s been battling health issues for many years.  Surgery after surgery after surgery.  Surgeon mistakes, bad luck, health issues pushed off for too long, complications brought on by surgical procedures.  Patiently smiling through every single trial.  She’s beat the odds each time.  After all her body has been through, it’s clear that she’s here solely by the grace of God.  His hand remains steady over her.  He comforts her when she needs it.  He hastens to soothe her soul.

But today her body is in your hands.  So today as you prepare your surgical instruments, we ask that you also prepare your heart.  As you review your notes before you see her, please also review your place in the grand scheme of things.  Your hands are meant to do His will.  You are an instrument of His, so allow Him to work through you.   Humbly ask Him to guide you.  Trust that He will.

We continue our prayer vigil for Mom as she heads back to surgery.  We pray for health and healing and peace.  For His will to be done and for each of us to accept whatever His will may be.  For strength, for trust, for hope.

But today we also pray a special prayer for you.  A prayer for your submission to His will.  A prayer that you allow His hand to guide yours.  A prayer that you see Mom as the unique person that He created her to be.  That you remember that she’s more than just a body…she’s a mom, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a granny.  We pray that you tend to her as you would tend to one of your own flock.  And we trust that He will endow you with the wisdom you need to heal her with the power of your hands.  And trust in the promise that He will reward you for your humility and trust.  God’s got this one, so please, allow His will to be done.

Thank you.

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