Over the River and Through the Woods

The traditional Thanksgiving song Over the River and Through the Woods brings pictures to mind of children bundled up in sweaters, yellow and red leaves on the trees, a fireplace with a blazing fire in Grandmother’s house.

South Texas clearly didn’t get the fall memo: the memo that dictates a shift in temperature, a change in seasonal appearance.  It’s still gorgeous outside here.  Sunny and warm with cool evenings.  The leaves on all of my trees are still a perky green as if spring is in the air.

But while we lack traditional autumn weather, we make up for it with perfect camping weather.  We can still head over the river and through the woods, although we’ll just do it camping style.  It’s time to pack up the tent and sleeping bags, the ingredients for s’mores, some firewood and oh yes, don’t forget those sweet little children of yours.

Pop on over to Corpus Christi Mom’s Blog to finish reading and find out some fun spots for fall camping…

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