Outside my window…four little readers have all found a spot to enjoy the beautiful sun and a good read.

I am remembering…Katie when she had all her baby teeth and those beautiful golden curls.  

I am thankful for…sunny days, blue skies and a beautiful bay nearby.

I am watching…Elementary again as we finished Outlander Season 2.

I am wondering…if this girl will always be all about glitter and pink.  This was her latest project from “the bubble store.”  Every week since September, on our way to ballet, we drive past “the bubble store,” a locally owned craft store with a pink storefront decorated with bubbles and every week since September, Katie has begged to go into “the bubble store.”  Finally last week, I acquiesced, not knowing what was in store for us.  Styrofoam, tons of glitter and adorable little crafty things were lining the shelves.  We did not walk about empty handed, obviously.  So Katie browsed and browsed and browsed and finally collected all the items to make this incredibly pink, glittery wall hanging.  It does fit her personality, though, and makes her bedroom walls look so fancy.  

I am hoping…for spring weather.  I am hoping we don’t go straight from cold, gloomy days to miserably hot days.  A nice spring interlude would be ever so wonderful.

I am pondering… busy-ness and how it’s an American epidemic.  All these thoughts are in my heart and I promise to share them soon on With Every Intention.  

I am laughing…along with Katie at the way the wind caught her hair.  

I am planting…weeds ; )  Because some weeds are beautifully useful and medicinal.  So I’m okay with weeds.  And that’s what’s going in the garden this spring.

I am reflecting…on this thought that I read on New Years Day this year…”Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

In the schoolroom…One more week and it’ll be the end of another 6 weeks (which for us means a week off as we Sabbath school…6 weeks on, 1 week off).  Lots of progress happening over here…from reading lessons to Plutarch and everything in between.

Around the house…lots of tinctures brewing and a new batch of water kefir rehydrating.  

In the kitchen…William begged to bake doughnuts one morning for breakfast and then Katie, inspired by the sprinkles on the doughnuts, made some delicious sugar cookies (complete with frosting colored pink purely by beet powder)….despite their extreme girliness, I have noticed none of the boys have had any trouble eating them ; ) 

I am wearing…jeans and a raspberry colored 3/4 length sleeve soft cotton tee.  My feet are clad in thick socks to keep warm on these chilly tile floors.

We are preparing for…a week of homeschooling in the woods soon.

Someday I am going to miss…all the excitement of losing a tooth!  Katie lost her first tooth a few weeks ago (well technically, she lost her first tooth a few years ago! but that was an accident…this was her first tooth to fall out naturally) and she was so excited.  It fell out while she was eating a bowl of ice cream and rejoiced in the idea that I, too, had lost a tooth just like that when I was her age.  She hid it in her tooth fairy pillow under her pillow and I was awakened around 2 am with a delighted little child.  She couldn’t believe that the tooth fairy had come to visit and “how did she get under my pillow?  I never felt her lift my head!”  Katie is now one tooth short, two dollars richer and has a heart filled with imagination and delight.

I am readingMurder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (it’s my first of her novels!) and the first book in the Wingfeather saga…Joseph is excited to go have tea and discuss it with me ; )  (I’m just excited that he’s excited about something beyond Beast Quest!)  

One of my favorite things…this kid and his bigger than average feelings.  When this kid is angry, he’s really angry.  When he’s sad, he’s really sad.  But when he loves, oh how he really loves.

A peek into my day

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