Outside my window…it’s dark.   So very dark because it’s so very late.

I am thinking…it would be nice if I could add a few hours to my day…or maybe it would just be nice if I could function on a little less sleep.

I am thankful for…sunny days. 

From the learning rooms…patterns galore this week…pattern blocks, teddy bear counters, snap cubes, anything we can find that we can make into a pattern!  Our book this week is The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss…since Spring has sprung and planting seeds just seems like the spring thing to do. 

From the kitchen…cinnamon rolls (yes again!) for Grandma Nury’s birthday breakfast and what a surprise…Grandpa Larry joined us too!

I am wearing…comfy pajamas.

I am creating…a book about the story of Easter to go along with my own version of Resurrection eggs…and looking very forward to our Easter egg hunt. 

I am sharing…this exciting news…William is walking!

I am reading…still reading How to Grow a Young Music Lover by Cheri Fuller.  I’ve been too busy taking Cheri’s advice and dancing and listening to music with the kids to read but I plan to finish it this week! 

I am hearing…the deep sigh of a sleeping baby.

Around the house…You’ll never believe it…I found the remote (do you remember that story?)!  What a cause for celebration.  It turns out I’m not the only mindless one…I found it in the side of William’s swing in a pocket.  Daxson didn’t know the pocket existed so he didn’t put it there.  I actually forgot there was a pocket (probably because I’m mindless) so I didn’t put it there.  Turns out even the littlest people in our house are a little mindless sometimes too…Joseph is the only one who could have put it there but everytime we asked him if he remembered where the remote was, he simply said it was on the table.  So let that be a lesson to each and every one of us…focus, focus, focus and be ever present in the moment.   

One of my favorite things…listening to the laughter of two little boys chasing each other around the house.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Taxes (deep sigh).

Here is picture I thought worth sharing

Ready for a walk at Cole Park with Grandma Cindy.

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One thought on “Daybook

  1. Hello it’s nice to meet you. I have enjoyed reading your day book. The photo on my blog was not taken by me, however it reminds me of my best friend since 6th grade and myself all those years ago.


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