Outside my window…a hummingbird is hovering around our tree, waiting for just the right moment to land on our feeder.

I am thankful…for energetic, happy little boys.

I am thinking…sleeping babies are so beautiful.

I am praying…for guidance on my parenting journey.  There are never simple answers and parenting is truly an art (if only it were a science).

From the learning rooms…enjoying a “f”antastic “f” week, with flowers, farm animals, fairy houses, and more!

In the kitchen…my choices are limited.  Once you cut out dairy, soy, and eggs, the menu is dramatically reduced.  We’re eating lots of oatmeal, beans, fruits and veggies (not together, mind you). 

I am wearing…jean shorts and a white tank top with little tan and brown designs on it…and I am realizing how terrible I am at describing things. 

I am hoping…for fall weather sometime soon.  I already pulled out long sleeve shirts and pants for the kids, hoping maybe just that little action would bring forth crisp autumn days, but so far, it’s still extremely warm outside (heat index today is 93 degrees).

I am hearing…Anne of Green Gables.  Joseph has been asking to watch it for days now, so I finally gave in today and let him watch a little while William is napping.  This movie never gets old for me.

Around the house…packing away clothes that are too small for the boys, rearranging the clothes that fit, and wondering how three little boys have acquired so much.

One of my favorite things…a visit to the plant nursery, which is where we were this morning.  I am so inspired when I see those beautiful blooms and hear the trickling water of the fountains.  Now if only I had a green thumb (or maybe if I could just remember to water the plants I have). 

Here are some pictures for thought I am sharing…We’ve started having tea time every afternoon after William’s nap.  William requires his to be warm with honey; Joseph takes it however it is served.  I am happy to have a few moments just to sip in peace.

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