Outside my window…there’s a gentle breeze ruffling the curtains.

I am thankful…for my friend Virginia.  While the kids played, I soaked up her wisdom.

From the learning rooms…we are on letter T on our Alphabet Path.  We’ve also been hard at work at some Kumon workbooks and these Rod and Staff preschool workbooks.  Joseph and William both keep asking for more.

In the kitchen…waffles with fruit syrup.  We added just a dash of V8 Fusion to our peaches and strawberries this morning for the syrup…mmm, mmm.

I am wearing…jeans and a purple tank top with a butterfly on it…a flashback to my college days.

I am creating…scenarios and solutions in my head as I continue to slowly read and digest Liberated Parents, Liberated Children.  Now if only I could remember my solutions when under pressure.

I am readingBuilding Better Families by Matthew Kelly.  My sister has been raving about it for months.  I’m finally going to see what she’s so excited about.

I am listening…to the hum of the computer.  That’s it.

I am looking forward to…a visit with Mom soon.

I am remembering…a few weeks ago when we went to the park.  I was taking pictures of the kids as they were climbing a tree and Joseph kept making a funny face.  Finally I asked him if something was in his eye and he opened both eyes and replied, “No, can’t you see?  I’m winking.”

I am ponderingElizabeth’s blog and her adventure in storybooks this year.

One of my favorite things…watching Daxson fly the kids through the house while they sing the theme song for Superman.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing

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