An Easter Daybook

Outside my window…I can hear three little boys squeal with delight as they toss water balloons through the air.  There are some good things about living so far south…one of those things is that water fun begins early for us.

I am thinking…my to-do list continues to grow.

I am thankful…for simplicity.  Our egg hunt was simply eggs with birdseed, confetti eggs, and a few eggs each with a hershey kiss inside.  Three very happy boys.

Easter Day 2013 014_1 Easter Day 2013 027_1 Easter Day 2013 039_1

In the refrigerator…the tea is cooling until it’s time to add the strawberries and lemonade; the dressing is made for the blackberry salad; the lamb cake (which looks eerily like Marley, the dog) is half eaten.

Easter 2013 049_1

I am wearing…a hot pink shirt (it’s the only one Target had in my size) and jean shorts.

Easter 2013 086b_1

I am creating…next year’s curriculum…it’s going to be a fun year!

I am going…to try to blog about our Lent and Holy Week sometime soon.

I am inspired…to get things done.  I have 8 1/2 weeks (if even) before this little one arrives and about a million things to do.  I did get the school room closet organized this weekend…here’s a peek.  I should have included a before picture…you’d be much more impressed.  Go ahead…ask me where something is.  I actually know!

Easter 2013 058_1

I am reading…Ray Guarendi’s Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime.

On my iPod…Scott Hahn’s Salvation History.

In our learning room…finishing up our school year with Five in a Row amongst other beautiful things.

Around the house…laundry, organizing, cleaning.

I am praying…the Hail Mary often.

A peek into my day

St. Patrick's Day 2013 015_1

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2 thoughts on “An Easter Daybook

  1. Oh my gosh I love it. I love the pictures. Good job on the closet. I do know that you know where everything is. Fun isn’t it? I love the pictures, you all look so happy. Love, Mom


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