Dear William

Dear William,

Tonight I said goodnight to my sweet 3 year old for the last time.  When tomorrow arrives, you will be 4.  You are eagerly awaiting dawn.  I am not.  I want to hold on for as long as I can.

You are growing so quickly.  Each day I am astounded by the things you say and do.  You are rough and tough, yet compassionate and concerned.  You are the first to wake up each morning and you always exclaim that you’re “ready to start the day!” and you take that task very seriously, conquering each moment with gusto.  You are full of energy and full of life.  You spend a good part of your day asking “why”, trying to satisfy your curiosity.  You are an eager learner and a devoted helper.  You inspire me with each passionate moment.

At the end of each day, your head hits the pillow and your eyes struggle to stay open…you are exhausted from the energy used all day.  I snuggle with you each night until you fall asleep.  Just last night you wrapped your arms tightly around my neck and whispered, “Oh Mommy, I just want to be loved.”  My dear, you are loved.  You are loved and you are cherished.  Goodnight my sweet 3 year old…tomorrow I, too, will be ready to start the day…the day we celebrate you, my growing, vibrant 4 year old.

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2 thoughts on “Dear William

  1. Happy Birthday,William! Love surrounds you and your family 🙂 God bless you. I have only met you once when you were younger, but your Mommy so kindly posts pictures of you and shares your adventures with us, so that I feel as if I see you every week. Have a fun day! Laugh and be joyful…4 is a wonderful time!


  2. Dear Little William, I too want to tell you how much you are loved. Mommy, you brought tears to my eyes. You and your little boys are so special. William you always seem to have a smile either on your little face or ready to put on it. Keep asking why and exploring little four year old. I love you lots! Grancma Cindy


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