Outside my window…it is sunny and beautiful.  The weather channel says the heat index is 98 but with the shade and the breeze, it feels delightful.  Katie and I have been trying to spend a little time outdoors with the boys each day and just like her brothers, she is loving the warm air.

June 10, 2013 008_1

I am thinking…these days pass too quickly.

Katie May 2013 098_4_1

I am remembering…6 years ago…I was bringing home another sweet baby.

My favorite_1

I am thankful…for my husband.

In the refrigerator…not much.  We are at Grandma Nury’s mercy these days since I’m on bedrest.  I am so thankful for Nury’s delicious cooking!

I am wearing…knit pants and a pink v-neck t-shirt.

I am creating…2013-2014 school plans.

I am going…a little stir crazy.  Bedrest with three active boys is not an easy feat.

I am inspired…to blog again…these days pass so quickly and I wish I could record it all.

I am reading…Karen Andreola’s Pocketful of Pinecones.

On my iPodMother Culture by Karen Andreola…finding so much encouragement in her words.

I am looking forward to…a routine once again.  I just dread chaos.

In our learning room…we are spending the summer studying the presidents and birds.  I’ll post detailed plans soon because we are having a lot of fun!

I am prayingThe Divine Mercy chaplet with Trish Short.

One of my favorite things…big brothers meeting baby sister for the first time.

Katie May 2013 023_1

A peek into my day

Katie May 2013 075_2_1

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2 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. OH my gosh Stacie I think that I needed that laugh that the last picture brought. That is so William and that is the same frown that littel Katie has had sicne birth. I love it! I actually love all of the pictures and I sure do miss my little grandsons and granddaughter. Thank you for letting me be a part of each birth of those precious little gems of yours, Daxson’s and most of all God’s. Love, Mom


    • Mom, I’m so glad that you’ve been able to share in the births of each of these precious little children. I can’t imagine having a baby without having you there! Thank you for all you do…we ALL love you!


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